Morning Coffee & Mug Cup

By Umejintan





少しどっしりとしたドイツ製のVilleroy Bochのマグは、特別可愛いとか特別オシャレとかではないけれど、昔から変わらないクラシックな、言ってみれば’古めかしさ’がつぼに入る。


トロントの支店があるのかはまだわからないけど、バンクーバーではダウンタウン(Granville station近く)に店舗を構えており、いつもセールのお知らせを送ってもらっていた。半額になることもあり、お得。


My day starts with the daily routine to select the best mug cup for today's morning coffee according to my mood.
Today, I chose the cups of my favorite brand, "Villeroy Boch".  The impression of the brand is a little old fashioned, as it is actually one of the traditional brands in Germany.
I remember my mother was using the bread plate of Villeroy Boch in my childhood. The pattern of the plate was classic. I am not sure if there is a shop here in Toronto since I haven't searched yet. At least, Vancouver has one branch, and they often offer a discount sale, so I have bought some plates and cups at times when I was living in Vancouver. 









Morning coffee on Sunday. The flavory coffee and the contrast of pink and black colour naturally comfort my tired brain.

I wish I could stop time passing.

Speaking of coffee, I usually drink one cup of coffee or two cups a day at the most. My husband or I make coffee every morning.

What we prefer is Seattle coffee no.3, or Lion flavour coffee, or Arabica coffee I bought in Japan. Occasionally, we buy 'Kenya' at Starbucks. 

Costco holds Seattle coffee at cheaper price than regular supermarket, but they only carry no.4, which is not our tastes.

Frankly, I was a big fan of black tea for a long period of time because I had never tried coffee until 2009. 

However, I found it difficult to enjoy Vancouver life without drinking coffee because there is an enormous number of coffee shops here and not many stores provide good tea.

I immediately became a big fan of coffee after I first tried delicous dark coffee at the famous coffee shop in Vancouver downtown.

Since then, I never miss such a happy moment where the room is full of nice coffee flavour and nice talking with my best partner.